Sale Seaweed Powder : 25kg x 1 Nos.

Seaweed Powder : 25kg x 1 Nos.

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Seaweed Key Features:

  • 100% Water soluble.
  • Derived from Australian Seaweed.
  • Contains 20-21% Algenic Acid
  • Natural Amino Acids 5%
  • Natural Potash 2%
  • Supplies the plants with vital Trace Elements in a natural form
  • Improves Photosynthesis, and fruit appearances. 

Seaweed Doses:

Foliar Application: Use 0.25 to 0.5g of Seaweed per lit of clean water

Soil Application: 100g to 200g per Acre.

Caution: We are not sellers of the product hence do not take any guarantee other than the uniform quality of the product. For Industrial use only.  Supplier has no return policy, and any liability regarding the use of the product is not accepted at all. Users are advised to take expert guidance before using.

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